The Medium Density Design Guide – CDC Approvals

 Finally it appears we may be one step closer to a development approval process in NSW design to improve housing availability, diversity and perhaps (on the wish list) affordability.

 What does this mean…?

It means that as of the 6th July 2018 through a qualified designer/architect and with the application of a set of tailored standards the following medium density housing types will be permitted through the fast-tracked complying development approval process. i.e No submitting to council with the cost and time implications of that.


•1-2 storey dual occupancies

•Manor Houses (2 storey buildings comprising 3-4 dwellings)



For a bit more detail head over to this previous post of ours on housing density 

Planning changes to turn Sydney’s ‘missing middle’ into terraces

The new housing code allows those wanting to build so-called missing middle homes to do so using a complying development process

Can I use this approval process?

There are a few things to consider. The first two being:

  1. Are you in NSW and is your property in an R1, R2, R3 or RU5 zone and permitted under your Council’s Local Environmental Plan? Not sure? Give us a call.

  2. Does the property lot size meet the minimum size requirements under your council’s Local Environmental Plan? If one not specified then for dual occupancies it is 400 square meters. For manor houses and terraces it is 600 square meters.


There are numerous other things to consider including the usual setbacks and the heights at which these occur, light and ventilation, landscape and private open space, requirements for privacy screens and restrictions on balconies, car parking requirements and the list goes on. All of which we are in a position to help you with.


For more detail on the development requirements this link will take you to the rules that will govern complying development for low rise medium density housing. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call.


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