Virtual Reality for Architecture

Virtual Reality – The Visualisation Game Changer

Not so long ago the start of a new project would begin with a few hand drawn sketches with the intent of showing a client how their new home may look and feel. If you were the client of someone like Frank Gehry you may have to do a lot of reading between the lines of a very wilful sketch such as the one below. As beautiful as it is on paper you could not be blamed for struggling to understand what it might feel like to live or work in such a space.

Frank Gehry Sketch

Frank Gehry’s sketch for walt disney concert hall


If you are lucky more recently that sketch may have been converted into a 3D computer model and then rendered to produce a view such as the one we have produced below for a current warehouse conversion. While this single perspective is useful for the client in them understanding the nature of their new home it still leaves a fair bit to the imagination and a lot of trust in the architect that they have covered all the bases on the rest of the property.

Strauss House. Warehouse interior


Enter VIRTUAL REALITY! This game changing technology (we use the HTV Vive) now allows you to experience your new home before it has been built in a way that leaves nothing to the imagination. From the early stages of sketch design you are able to strap on these goggles and walk through and around the design to gain a full appreciation of what is in store for your new home, office, kitchen, studio or whatever it is you have engaged us to design.


Thanks to our friends at VR Works (of which we are affiliated) we are now one of a small number of architecture offices in Sydney offering VR services to our clients to ensure they fully understand the building that has been designed for them. No, there are no additional fees. It is simply part of the design service we offer. Why is that? Mostly because we get a tiny kick out of seeing you wave your hands around in the air with a big pair of funny looking black goggles on.

For an example of how we are using this service on a current job have a quick look at this little video. Turn on the volume and hear how Saxon explains how he would like to adjust things in the kitchen as if he were actually already in his new home.

VR Works

Theres nothing like putting a client inside their future home in VR from inside the existing building. Get in touch for a FREE demo.

If you are just in the early stages of thinking about your renovation or new home but a bit nervous about the process we guarantee this will help aleviate some of your concerns. Feel free to email or call us to have a chat.


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