Black iPhone 7 and black architecture

Black iPhone 7 vs Black Architecture

There will never be “the new black.” Black is timeless as is its opposite. Proof is in the pudding today with the release of the new iPhone 7 in matt and glossy black. Or as my son likes to refer to it the “Glossy Ibis”. Memory remnants from a recent trip around Australia when said bird made an indelible impression on him. While not indoctrinated into the world of apple yet I am finding it difficult not to show the little man the sexiest piece of gadgetry I have seen for some time.

In celebration of the launch of this black beauty I thought it was a good excuse to draw a short bow between this small piece of black gadgetry (which will no doubt have a large if material impact on many of our lives) and some of the world’s more seductive black buildings. The matt black iPhone 7 is clearly the favourite and I would have to say that the same matt black appeal applies in most of the buildings selected.

While the iPhone is but a fraction of the size of these buildings one would be hard pressed to argue  that the impact of these little appendages is anything but equal in stature and relevance to the impact of these buildings on their user. What I would say is that while the new black iPhone 7 is the coolest little thing you will pull out of your pocket on your bus trip to work living in a matt black house may be challenging. Having said that Durack Architects would love the chance to design you a building that in another galaxy may house Vader or perhaps even the Dark Knight.

In which case can I suggest you head over here and download one of these documents to get you started.

Following is my pick of the slickest sexiest black interiors and buildings out there!

Feel free to share yours below

Klein Dytham Architects, Tokyo

Klein Dytham Architects, Tokyo

“This project was carried out in Jingumae for a young couple and their baby as a living space combined with their business- a hair salon. This cutting-edge salon attracts individuals who have a strong sense of style and seek a perfect hideaway to give form to their provocative notions.”

Text courtesy of  Klein Dytham Architecture

Warehouse by architect João Mendes Ribeiro

Warehouse by architect João Mendes Ribeiro

“Portuguese architect João Mendes Ribeiro designed this corrugated steel and concrete warehouse for a components manufacturer, but prior to moving in its art collector-owner filled the space with work by Andy Warhol, John Baldessari and Antony Gormley

Text courtesy of Dezeen

UN City by 3XN architects

UN City by 3XN architects

“Bringing together the various agencies and functions of the United Nations regional offices in Copenhagen, the new Head Office is located at the northern harbour of Copenhagen”

Text courtesy of 3xn


Hill House by Austin Mayndard Architects

Hill House by Austin Mayndard Architects

Melbourne is predominantly flat. Could this be why Melbourne’s architecture is adventurous? There is no landscape to confine therefore building is free to become landscape. Hill House is a response to this possibility. Melbourne is flat. If one is to explore the possibility of cantilevering off a cliff (a desire of many architects) one is forced to manufacture that landscape. A monolithic form is unsheathed from the hill and placed atop. A celebration of the synthetic, the manufactured. A simulacrum of both an undulating landscape and the pure architectural form.”

Text courtesy of Austin Maynard Architects

MAXXI Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects

MAXXI Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects

MAXXI supercedes the notion of the museum as ‘object’ or – presenting a field of buildings accessible to all, with no firm boundary between what is ‘within’ and what is ‘without.’

Text courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects


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    Posted at 01:59h, 28 September Reply

    The design and look of Apple products is the ONLY reason I keep buying them!

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    Posted at 14:22h, 29 November Reply

    Una informacin muy buena, es lo que estaba buscando. Millones de gracias. Saludos.

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